I finally made curtains for the dining room last week. After having the fabric for over 6 months and dragging my feet... they are finally hanging in our dining room!

But there is something that might surprise you about them...

Only one side of the window has a window treatment. No, it's not a mistake.

My dining room has had no curtains for 18 years. I love the handmade wainscoting and the arched windows in the dining room and just could not think of covering them up.

Another big dilemma was the large arched windows are close together. I just could not see this room with lots of fabric hanging all over it.

Here's how I solved that problem...

I treated that whole wall as one big window. And the side window has no curtains on it at all.

My friend Linda, a designer at Ethan Allen, gave me that solution.

It might be a little unconventional, but it works... at least for me!

The fabric I chose is from Ethan Allen.  They really have such beautiful fabric! This one is a linen-looking textile that really doesn't wrinkle much at all. It was a dream to sew!

It's soft white and light taupe damask pattern works very well with the head linen dining room chairs.

I gathered the curtains on a 4 inch rod and let them fall into small puddles on the floor. 

Ohhhhhh! I have never had curtain puddles before!

I'm still working on art for between the windows. I would love to find something in a weathered chippy frame. Maybe a little modern.... to relax the window treatments a bit!   Nothing stuffy.

I am so noncommittal when it comes to art! It's so hard to chose just one!

I've been buying vintage ironstone soup or vegetable dish tureen lids to display on either side of the mirror.  I have a couple coming from Etsy and I was outbid tonight for a set of 5 gorgeous lids on Ebay! Oh well. I'll keep on looking 

I'm thinking 3 to 5 on each side of the mirror would make an interesting statement on that wall.

I am also looking for a small bar cart for in front of the right window.

Bobby and I have been working on the stairs and they are finally done.

Look for a post about them on Saturday.

Now, we are s-l-o-w-l-y ripping off yellow marble wallpaper in the foyer! You can see just a peek of it behind the flame stitch settee that is going to be slipcovered.

But for now, I 'm enjoying my new dining room curtains!

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