Look what I found in my mailbox a few days ago! New fall pillow covers!

If you have been reading StoneGable for any length of time you will know that I have a love affair with pillows!

I don't think I have ever seen a pillow I could not love... and these are no exception...

At first I thought the fall pillows would go in the family room...

But the pumpkin pillow preferred the living room and settled into one of my "bubble" chairs!

The pillows came from ELLIOT HEATH DESIGNS, makers of vintage inspired burlap and pillow covers.

I first saw these fabulous pillows at my friend Debra's blog COMMON GROUND

They are beautifully made. Worth the money!

The second fall pillow found a home on my white family room sofa.

I am just wild over the oak leaf and acorn design!

I mixed the fall pillow with a woven jute and linen pillow... all in warm leafy oak tones.

I so much prefer pillow covers and inserts over pillows that are sown closed. 

When the season is over I can remove the pillow cover, launder it and tuck it into a drawer along with all my other pillow covers.

I have one more pillow cover to show off, but not until closer to Christmas!

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