I have no cross country bus tour or a world peace initiative or VOTE FOR STONEGABLE bumper stickers.

This is a grass roots effort!

And remember... every vote counts!

I am so honored to be nominated for


sponsored by Lamps Plus...

Now here's where you come in...

I would love to win but I need YOU! Your votes.... tons and tons of votes!

I'm in very esteemed company... the other nominees in my category "FAMILY BLOG" are awesome!

But I've decided to shoot for the stars... go for broke... put all my eggs in the winner's basket and try my very best!

If you enjoy StoneGable... if you are one of my dear, faithful readers... if you are a friend or family member no matter how distant... if you can click a mouse...

I am asking for your vote. Not only once.. but everyday... Until Nov. 15th!

Every time you vote you are entered to win a $500.00 shopping spree! How's that for incentive!

Here's how you can vote:

1. Like Lamps Plus on Facebook 
Click HERE, find the "Like" button and click on it.

2. Under the Lamps Plus header find the box that says
"BEST HOME BLOG SWEEPSTAKES" and click on that.

3.Fill out the form and in the FAMILY BLOG category and click on StoneGable (thanks!).

4. Repeat everyday! I'll need every vote, every day!

Thank you!

This message was brought to you by the Vote For StoneGable Grass Roots Conmmittee. 
and I approved this message.