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This year' porch is a celebration of fall's glorious colors!

Pumpkins galore and so much more. Come and join me on the porch...

This fall's porch decor is colorful, asymmetrical and has a windswept look...

It looks like fall blew in and spilled down my front steps!

Each side of the porch has pumpkins... mums... and lanterns.

I borrowed the chair from one of the upstairs bathroom and a stack of pumpkins took a seat!

The large urns are full of fall's finery!

Lanterns... lanterns...

And more lanterns!

I moved the white mums in galvanized buckets from my kitchen island to the porch. They seem to be thriving!

I love flowering cabbage! I tucked it here and there on the porch. It has such pretty ruffly leaves!

I found huge white pumpkins at an Amish farm!

I get most of my pumpkins and mum from our local Amish friends!

A big brambly wreath fills my front door.

Little orange pumpkins are perched on the transom above it!  I do this every year!

Happy Fall...

From my front porch to your!

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The following is the Schedule of the Fall Porch Tours:

Monday, Oct 14th 

Tuesday, Oct 15th 

Wednesday, Oct 16th 

Thursday, Oct 17th 

Friday, Oct 18th 

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