White mini pumpkins are very popular again this year! I had several people comment recently about the baby boo's I used to decorate StoneGable with this fall.

Apparently, mini white pumpkins are not available everywhere... but no problem. We can fix that!

I had a big bag full of orange pumpkins that I painted to look like baby boo's...

They started out like this....

And ended up like this...

White pumpkins have lots of soft yellow undertones. I wanted to capture them as realistically as I could.

Here's how I did it...

1. Choose orange mini pumpkins.

2. Paint them with 2 coats of Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
(or warm white acrylic paints)

3. Make a "sludge" with clear wax and Country Grey Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
(or use a clear wax and a yellow gold acrylic paint)

Use only a tiny bit of paint, about one or two drops to 1 tsp of wax. Mix together and  that is a sludge.

4. Wax the pumpkin. If you need a little more color add another drop of Country Grey to the sludge and rewax the pumpkin.

Let the wax dry and buff with a soft white cotton rag.

5. Pull out the plastic stem of each pumpkin.

 Glue a real pumpkin or gourd stem in its place.

I pop off the stems of real pumpkins and gourds every year and save them.

To pop off a pumpkin stems, put pressure against the side of the stem at it's base with your thumb and it should pop off!

Towards the end of the season I visit my local greenhouses and ask if I can have pumpkin stems from their discarded pumpkins.

I tied a black and white checkered ribbon around the stem of these little white pumpkins ... aren't they so sassy?

I have a few fun fall projects using white painted pumpkins coming soon!

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