Fall, Friends and Fun!

Need a way to wake up your creativity and passion for all things domestic? Check out Between naps on the Porch and Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan. I did! Not only am I getting out my dishes and thinking up new ways to use them, it is rubbing off on the rest of my house. Thanks, Susan.

This week I had a couple of friends over for a mid week supper. Nothing formal or fancy, just great friends and conversation and laughter. So… we ate in my farmhouse style kitchen, and I set a casual, cozy table with warm hues of Autumn.

I used what I had in my dish cupboard, and “borrowed” some things from other places around the house that would fit my tablescape idea.

A “borrowed” jar of acorns etc, from an upstairs room:

Borrowed” sticks and twigs from other fall arrangements :

Borrowed” pedestal from the mantle… all just temporarily used on my table:

I have a propensity to use pedestals when I decorate. I feel like I need to get some elements up and off the table. Elevating anything gives it importance. A humble arrangement of pumpkins, squash and wooden acorns make an impact when put on a pedestal (just like we girls). It draws our eyes to it.

A tall, worn, wooden candle pillar works with this turned pumpkin candle to give even more height. Again, I chose to use a tall element to give interest to the table. I am careful about height in a tablescape I am actually using. It is import that guests can see over and around the decorations to see each other. Guest comfort before beauty! I want to promote a sense of hospitality and encourage conversation first and foremost.

Varying height is also important when decorating. The jar of acorns etc. (medium height) and the autumn elements on the table (low height) give depth and produces interest.

Rustic wood-carved acorns tucked there and there

The inspiration for this table started with my antique, Peach Lusterware (Fire King) dishes I have been collecting for years. I LOVE these dishes!! Fall and Spring are great times to use them, as the color compliment the hues of both seasons. So, off the shelf they came to be the building blocks for decorating the table.

Burnt orange bowls and matching leaf plates- HomeGoods

Peach Lusterware Salad Plate, Leaf Pattern (Fire King):

Square luncheon plate- HomeGoods (Only the border shows):

Peach Lusterware Dinner Plate, Leaf Pattern (Fire King) :

Peach Lusterware Cup and Saucer (Fire King):

Faux cabbage leaf: Isn’t this creative? They have wired veins, just like wired ribbon, so they can be bent and posed. Soooooo fun! What a wonderful hostess gift from my dear friend Fran. They are great multi-taskers. I tuck them into and under just about everything. From Eve’s Garden, in Lancaster County.Pa.

Amber Carnival Ware Antique Glasses:

Squash salt and pepper shakers continue the theme:

The background of this heavy tapestry tablecloth matches the LusterWare perfectly- TJ Maxx:

Copper colored napkins tied with a tassel in the same color- Tuesday Morning:

The dinner was totally outdone by the great company… just the lift we all needed in the middle of a busy week.

Slow Cooker Broccoli Cheddar Soup (see upcoming post on Friday 10-16)
Baby Sweet Pickled Beets, Carrot and Green Apple Salad with Walnuts and Honey Vinegrette (see upcoming blog)
Eye Roast with Madeira & Mushroom Sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Asparagus with Grated Cheese
Chocolate Chip Cookies and Tea


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