The Repurposed Wreath:

Thanks to Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for hosting Metamorphosis Monday… I am so inspired with all the creative and inventive Metamorphosis! After you see mine, go give them a look. You will be inspired too.

The mums were potted, the wreath was hung. Pumpkins were scattered in a pumpkin patch manner around the porch. This year I did forgo the corn stalks and hay bales- they are messy and I wanted a more tailored look… at least for this year. But my wreath was looking very tired. This was its 5th fall hanging on the front door. So, today I decided that it was time to give it a Metamorphosis treatment. Down it came. All of the tired elements on it were taken off.

This wreath has been used for many, many years. It was an investment purchase. And well worth it!!!!. I have repurposed it more than a couple of times.
I wanted a lush and full wreath. A real eye-popper, without being fussy or confusing. I wanted the colors to "play nicely together". Calm and soft in color and tone. The inspiration was a large burnt orange flower and some cattails my Mother gave me ( She did not know what to do with them). I used “sticks and twigs” I already had.
I found a box of shiny, muted fruit- half price so I picked that up too.

I tend to like a “C” shaped arrangement on my wreaths so that is how I started. I put in the base “filler”- some small oak type leaves.

Next, the cattail were used to make the parameters for the arrangement on the wreath. They are like the frame. They dictate the top limit.

And the bottom limit.

The big inspiration flower is cut. I keep the stem long so I can really plunge it into the wreath and then I go crazy with the hot glue gun. I want it to STICK!
I bend the base of the flower at a 90 degree angle so it is facing front when I put it on my wreath. Positioning each element is very important. Every detail needs special attention.

From there fruit is added and some beautiful silk marigolds.

It is important to add each element, no matter how small, individually. Placing them just where you want them makes the wreath more professional.

special attention was paid to the inside edge of the wreath. The arrangement should spill over onto it also. It would look unfinished if left bare.

work from the center out. Building and adding and layering elements. The fruit I thought would be very noticeable became the base for more fruit. It plays a supporting role to other fruit, leaves and berries. That is what makes it look so lush. I learned this from watching professionals at an upscale shop I love ( but I don’t love the prices!!!) Always keep your eyes open, I have learned so much by just watching. (By the way, it cost less than $15.00 to make this wreath, and I have enough "left overs" to make another...yeah!!!!)

Keep adding layers, more leaves, “filler” and flowers until it was very full but hopefully not distracting.

On the front door:

I like that the arrangement continues to the inside of the wreath.

Notice the little pumpkins on the windowsill! Fun!

From looking at these pictures, I think that I will hang the wreath on a thick, brown velvet ribbon somewhat lower. It is a little too high for my liking.

Now that I have a new wreath, I just might redo the rest of the porch. I found some beautiful architectural pots that would be perfect for an Alberta Spruce! Check back next week... there may be more to come!


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