I'm joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday! A visual delight!

Nothing says elegance and care like sitting down at a table to find a beautifully folded napkin.

In recent years this has become a dying art. No longer popular, these tangible acts of hospitality have been replaced with a more casual, less staged look.  I like both ways of placing a napkin on a table, but I love the creativity of folding a napkin.

In yesterday's blog, Cheery Pear Tablescape (10-28-08), I chose a yellow chevron folded napkin to tuck silverware inside (go check it out).

As promised, here is my tutorial of how to fold a chevron envelope napkin:

*Grab a paper napkin. If it is not a square, cut it into a square. This is your practice napkin. Please ignore directions to iron your practice napkin.  DO NOT IRON IT! Now go on, get one... I'll wait...
*The secret to folding a well done napkin is to choose the right size and fabric for each fold style. For the chevron, I used a 19 inch square napkin of heavy cotton.

*Ironing the napkin will insure crisp folds and a smooth surface. Iron after each step. If you do not own an iron you can still fold this napkin, the results will be nice, just not as crisp.

* fold the napkin in half

* fold in half again

*position with open point at the top

*fold down the first layer almost to the bottom- CENTER POINT

* fold the next layer on top of the first, let the hem or a small border show of the first layer- CENTER

*continuing folding the next-to-last layer down, leaving a border of the layer before it showing- CENTER POINT

*turn napkin over, folded side down and at the bottom
* fold in the left point of the napkin towards the center about 1/3 of the way- DO NOT PRESS YET

* fold in the right point of the napkin toward the center, slightly overlapping the other side about 1/3 of the way - DO NOT PRESS YET

* turn over and make sure the top point is CENTERED. If not adjust the folded sides. Press

* tuck silverware, nametag, decoration, etc. in envelope pocket.

Yea! YOU DID IT! Now, go make a pretty table!


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