Vineyards, flowers, beauty, cool breezes, theater, food and fun, fun, fun! That just about sums up my recent trip to Niagra-On-The-Lake, Canada. Except for…. shopping, wine tasting, strolling, pub hopping, sight seeing, high tea, laughing, fine dining and being with my sister who is my very best friend.

This was an encore trip to NOTL. Last year I went to Niagra Falls (YUCKY) on a 5 day vacation. After being breathtakingly impressed with the falls but VERY underwhelmed with the town, Bobby and I decided to get out of Dodge ( s0 to speak) and tour the surrounding countryside. And what a great idea! We just happened upon some of the most beautiful vineyards I have ever seen. We also found the most charming, flower-filled, friendly, sophicated, darling town: Niagra-On-The-Lake. We only spent 1 day there and I knew I would have to go back. Sooooo … 1 year later I went back with my Sister, Lisa for a long weekend to celebrate her birthday. It was even better than I remembered.

This is a GREAT vacation place. I plan on doing 3 different pictorial blogs about it. Today I will introduce you to the town and shopping area. In the next blog, I will give you a tour of the beautiful wine country and some vineyards, and the last will be a foodie’s fantasy… an 8 course meal and paired wine at the Chef’s table at Peller winery with executive chef and celebrity, Jason Parsons.

Our hotel, Queen’s Landing, was spectacular! I can see how this haven of delights got its name. When I landed there I was treated like a queen!!!

Notice the rose on my pillow. Every day a new and different colored rose.

The town was filled with scrumptous places to eat as well as many opportunities for retail therapy.

An evening stroll to a friendly pub, The Angel Inn. Great fish and chips and music.

The flowers were the real show-offs in town. I can’t imagine how they kept them so stunningly beautiful.

The historic and over-the-top Prince of Whales hotel.

Having high tea there was so posh & elegant.

We also saw “Born Yesterday”, a knee-slapping comedy at the Shaw Theater. (Judy Holiday received the Academy award for her portrial of "Billie" in the movie- a must see) George Bernard Shaw is also associated with this precious town.
Being out and about in this town and seeing the beautiful flowers, home and people was such a treat!

I am planning my trip for next September… and I am staying at Two Bees, a WONDERFUL B&B owned by Lori and Alan Bisback.

Oh, Canada!


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