Pumpkin (pie) Smoothie:

This smoothie is like a big culinary hug. It will conjure up visions of Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. Oh my, this is delicious! Filled with good for you ingredients, it tastes almost sinful! Makes a wonderful breakfast on the go.

¼ cup pumpkin puree

¼ cup fat free evaporated skim milk
1 container vanilla yogurt

¼ tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp pumpkin spice
1 tsp splenda or brown sugar
1 gingersnap cookie- this is the Secret ingredient! ( Can use 1graham cracker. G inger snaps are much better)
Put all ingredients in blender and wizzzzzzz.
Add 3-4 ice cubes and whizzzzz until frothy and blended.
Pour in glass and top with a little granola.

Enjoy while smiling!


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