Impressive and OH SO EASY! I made 2 of these white and frosty topiaries for my Christmas table and then to use on the sofa table in my family room.

This is NOT rocket science. Just go with it... put on some Christmas music, pour yourself a big mug of coffee/tea/hot chocolate/wine... well, not a mug... and get to it!

StoneGable Christmas Branch Topiary Tutorial
pretty urn
a bunch of Christmas balls in various sizes
2 glittery picks of balls
picks with glittery and pearly balls
oasis, floral foam
1 package glittery white branches (2 branches come in a pack)
*SG note: I used battery operated branches so I could put them on my dining room table, but the plug in version are available.
Sparkly branch with snowflakes
snowflake ornaments
Fill a bowl full of pretty Christmas oranaments.

Put oasis in the urn. I filled my urn 2/3  full of oasis.

Add lit branches and adjust each limb.

Add a sparkly branch with snowflakes.

Add glittery pick of balls on either side of urn.

Hot glue Christmas balls in the base of the urn~ use various sizes.

Add snowflakes, little glittery balls and pearls cut off of picks. Secure with hot glue.

Pull off any glue spiders.

Put batteries in the battery pack, add hanging snowflakes here and there and light.



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