For some reason I aways decorate my mantel first for Christmas. And from looking at the beautiful decorations in bloggland, so do many others!

Because it is a focal point it makes a festive statement as the rest of StoneGable gets glittered and tinseled!

My mantel was done right after Thanksgiving, with help from some elf friends!

Since I repainted and redecorated my family room this fall, I wanted to decorate my mantel with the colors and feel that reflected my new decor.

This year the mantel has taken on natural elements... acorns, pine cones, greens, willow balls... and of course a little glitz. After all, it IS Christmas!

Each year I try to do something different with my mantel.

Starting with  two NEW prelit garland (Oh, I am so happy for new garland), I fastened ornaments in various shapes and sizes with zip fasteners. You have got to get these little decorating miracles!  If you look carefully in the picture above, you can see the end of a zip fastener.

Using bronze, metallic, green and ivory ornaments, my garland looks more organic and muted. I threw in a tiny splash of red for interest. 

Notice the little willow balls that are covering some of the lights on the garland. They are so charming!

Acorn ornaments, used for Thanksgiving this year, now become part of StoneGable Christmas decor.

Big bronze bows are tied at each end of the garland at the ends of the mantel. I just can't get away from bows at Christmas.

I love symmetry... with a little twist!  And StoneGable's mantel is no different! Starting in the center of the mantel and working to the outside, I'll give you a little tour!

Pine cones, greens and willow balls are scattered over the top of the mantel.

Flanking the center, are two Pottery Barn bronze oil rubbed lanterns filled with an acorn wreath, from Thanksgiving, greens and some glitzy acorn ornaments. An LED lit candle is nestled down inside.

It gives such a warm glow.

A bronze grosgrain ribbon trimmed in gold is tied in a cheery bow with greens, and ornaments on each lantern handle!

On the left side of the mantel are white and warm brown blocks that spell JOY, embellished with earthy pine cones and greens and topped off with a little glittery acorn.

A tall lantern, filled with lights, greens, acorns, pine cones and Christmas ornaments stands  next to the blocks.

I filled the lantern by laying it on it's side to add all the decorations inside. I think this gives a little color and drama to this vignette.

Lamps that I keep on the mantel all year, stand at each end continuing the symmetrical feel.

On the right side of the mantel, between the lantern and the lamp is a cream urn that I repurpose for many new arrangements on the mantel. It is called into service to hold a big sugar pine cone circled with an acorn wreath with greens and glitz tucked in too.

A second sugar pine cone lays on its side next to the urn. They have been sprayed with my new favorite Christmas decor... Santa's Sno Blower! Just spray, and it coats EVERYTHING with a soft coat of fluffy faux snow. SO MUCH FUN... and pretty too.

A like a merry wreath hanging on my mirror at Christmas time. This was an easy wreath to make.  I took an old, motley willow wreath with tattered faded fall decorations on it, pulled off all the fall decor and it became the background for this year's wreath.

Working on the one side I built a spray of Christmas greens, balls and acorns to mirror the decor on the mantel.

Then... I had fun with Santa's Sno Blower! I could get a little crazy with this stuff! I put a heavy dusting of snow on one side of the wreath and sprayed a light dusting over all the secured Yuletide finery! (I am trying to restrain myself from flocking the whole Christmas tree!)

The faux snow adds a graceful softness to the wreath.

The antique bronze wash tub would usually be overflowing with white poinsettia's or tons of fresh greens and pine cones, but we have a new kitten, Hobbes, this year and he is a rascal!  We want to keep him away from harmful things and mischief so Santa will be able to visit him too!

Overall the look is organic, soft, and with a little magical sparkle. Just the right look for my the new decor at Christmas!


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