The Stockings at StoneGable are hung, but not by the chimney with care. We hang them on the back of our kitchen chairs. It is just much more practical! And goodness knows these old chairs could use a little sprucing up too! The tree in the background is my Kitchen Tree.

My stocking is made from an antique quilt and embellished with some old lace and antique muslin.

My children's stockings were made more than 20 years ago when they were babies. They are made from my GREAT Grandmother's muslin flour sacks. The sacks were passed down to my Grandmother and I remember her washing them once a year and putting them back into her hope chest (that I now have).

So when the muslin sacks were passed down to me I knew that a few would be used for Christmas Stockings. When grandbabies come some day I will make each of them a stocking made out of their GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandmother's muslin flour sacks.

The Stockings are attached to each chair with a big ribbon and filled with greens for an extra festive touch!

I am saving quilts, fur, cashmere, and old buttons...and have visions of new Stockings are dancing in my head!


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