Christmas is a week away and now is the perfect time to add fresh greens to Christmas decorating.

Here at StoneGable, fresh greens and simple natural elements are filling bowls, vases and baskets. I don't bring in fresh greens before now because they will tend to  drop their needles just in time for Christmas. And who wants to be cleaning up needles all Christmas day?

I prefer to keep fresh green arrangements very simple and natural as they  are a supplement to my Christmas decor. 

Because we have a kitten this year, I kept the greens very simple, no twiggy branches I love so much, no ornaments or even faux snow. These are all play toys to a Hobbes. I did however use greens that would make a statement.

Fresh green arrangements are easy to make and will stay fresh until after Christmas. They add a huge festive visual presence and smell delightful!

Choose a container.

I chose this pretty scalloped ironstone pedestal bowl to hold an arrangement for the sofa table.

Soak oasis or other moisture wicking florist material in water for 30 minutes.

Put oasis in your container and secure with florist tape.

Add base greens.

I used 3 types of greens. Frazer fur (cut from our tree), pine and incense cedar. I used the Frazer fur greens to fill the bowl, making sure to stick the branches down into the oasis to secure them.

Add "fluffy" greens.

I love to add pine to my arrangements. It adds "fluff" or a wispy quality. I purchased 2 yards of pine roping and cut it apart for arranging.

Add accent greens.

Incense cedar was used as an accent in many of my arrangements this year. It has such  lovely green/gold "beads". Holly is another favorite of mine to use, too.

Add embellishments.

This year only pine cones were added to finish the arrangement. But tall twiggy branches, berries, sprays of faux Christmas goodies, etc can be tucked in your arrangement here and there for added interest.

Spraying your arrangement lightly with faux snow or glitter would also look beautiful. Not this year for me, I can just imagine Hobbes tracking it throughout my entire house or eating it... what a rascal!

Here are just a couple of other arrangements around StoneGable. Look for more next week.

Real green and faux... I LOVE to mix them!

Faux greens...

 Real greens...


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