Christmas at StoneGable smells like oranges and cinnamon and cloves and star anise and vanilla! It really does.

Clementines and other citrus fruits are very popular this time of year.  Save the peels and throw them into a small pot with other ingredients to make a fabulous, natural and Christmas smelling simmering potpourri.

I have done this for years and years. The aroma fills my home with a heavenly scent that my family associates with Christmas.

StoneGable Simmering Christmas Potpourri
peels of clementines, tangerines or other thin skinned oranges
star anise
cinnamon sticks
whole cloves
vanilla bean

As you eat clementines (our favorite) save the peels in a pretty bowl.

To make Christmas Potpourri
Add 1-2 clementine peels,  4-5 star anise, a small palm full of cloves, 2 cinnamon sticks and a 1/4 inch of vanilla bean snipped into several pieces to a small pot. Fill the pot 2/3 full of fresh water.
Put on the stove and SIMMER. I set a  timer on the stove so I don't forget to turn off the flame.
As the water evaporates and the better-than-baking smell wafts through the house refill with fresh water. DO NOT LET ALL THE WATER EVAPORATE.

Do not leave the pot unattended. When you are done with the potpourri for the day, let the pot sit until it is room temperature and  put the pot in the refrigerator. OR transfer the contents of the pot in a glass jar and save in the refrigerator.I use mine for a week. If the clementines get mushy, fish them out and add new.

This makes a lovely little gift.

Tear the clementines into small pieces and dry them on a flat surface. When they are dry, layer the rest of the ingredients in a small glass jar and tie a pretty ribbon around it. Add  handwritten instructions.

Get creative, look in your pantry or other fun aromatic elements to use.

*lemon peels
*lime peels
* nutmeg
*all spice

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