This past year, 2010, I have posted 50 tablescapes! I wanted to share 10 of my favorites. I found out THAT was like asking me who my favorite child is! Each table has memories attatced to them and a back story. They are filled with elements that are sentimental and things I love.

So, here are a few that I think best show MY personal style and passion for setting a table.

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This table is a good example of my love of neutral colors. The tablecloth is a vintage Italian cotton lace. A true treasure, and it show off my beloved dinning room table (inlaid mahogany).

Notice the leaf and berry plates in so many of my tables. They are my "signature plates" . I just never get tired of them!


Family is a major joy in my life. And StoneGable is the primary gathering place. I am happiest when my home is full of love and laughter.( And very exhausted when everyone leaves) This Easter we got together for a big Easter Brunch. I used the Peach Lustre dishes I have collected for over 20 years.

I kept the color scheme simple and quiet. Peach and white are so beautiful together.


This little table was inspired by K-Mart. Just goes to show~ setting a pleasing table does not require expensive things! I LOVE red and white tablescapes. This bisque rooster has been pecking around my kitchen for year!

Sweetheart roses are so pretty and a bargain! They last longer than their long stemmed cousins.

Lilac And All That Jazz

Many of my favorite tablescapes are set outdoors and several are spring inspired tables.

StoneGable has a big wrap around porch. This table was set in a corner of the side porch. Inimate, with a gorgeous view~ a delightful place for a meal.

 Lilacs make me swoon! And lilacs and silver are perfection! This simple little table is one of my top 5 favs!



Here we are again on the side porch. This is another favorite.

I sat at an auction in sweltering heat with a cranky 4 year old (feeding him animal cracker and playing with cars- his 5 year old sister was perfect) for 6 hours to bid and win this little tea set. It was so inexpensive! But I fell in love with the colors and lines of this set. I just had to take it home.

Yellow is my favorite color, and when it is paired with black it makes my heart sing! 

Yellow China And Black Tea


 Can you almost smell the gorgeous peonies? I was celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. This was one of those effortless tables that just evolved!

Many elements of this table are vintage or antique. The Limoges pink floral plates are old and exquisitely designed. They are so ladylike.

Pink Peony Tablescape


Honestly, This table almost made me stop blogging!

 I was so tired and dripping wet from the heat and humidity. Nothing went right! I literally was crying by the end of this shoot, I was so frustrated. I don't use bad language, but if I did I would have had to wash my mouth out with soap!

 I decided that blogging was not worth this much trouble... then I got some wonderful comments, and changed my mind. Such appreciative readers!

4TH Of July Picnic


A white wire Gardiner and a perennial border full of blooming daisies are great inspirations. I wanted to convey the sweetness and innocence of these amazing flowers. This tablescape reminds me of my sweet daughter when she was 13.

My crew~ hubby and son dragged my grandmother's utility table out to the garden. They have schlepped in and out so many tablescapes!

I could not find the right place mats and napkins so I made them myself. What a fun project!


Some tables just have a life of their own. This was not the table  I had pictured in my mind, but the elements just sorta happened. I love blue and white and the serendipity of this table was even a surprise to me! It was better than I ever planned,.

Blue Hydrangea Table


I dream of keeping bees. I love the idea of it! Anything with a bee motif draws me to it like... well, a bee to honey! This table is an Ode to the bee.

Bees And Sunflowers



I think this was actually the most popular table I have done, judging by the comments. Who doesn't love black and white. And those adorable baby boo pumpkins! The pumpkins came from my garden and all the dishes and linens came from my dish closet... nothing new. Just put together in a different way.

Black And White And Boo


Maybe Woodland Tablescape gave Black And White And Boo a run for the money in the most popular department. I found these fabulous dishes in Southhampton this fall. I planned this table on the drive home from Long Island to Lancaster all the while clutching my new dishes. Many times I build a whole table around one element.

Another table that was just so easy to set!

Woodland Tablescape

Okay, Last one! I forgot about ....


Company is always welcomed at StoneGable. I planned a breakfast for some fabulous girlfriends. I am fond of sending my guests home with a remembrance of their time at StoneGable, so I made these little pansies in egg shells encircled with a nest like wreath. What fun!

I love this table because it holds the promise of Spring and we had such a splendid time!

Pansies And The Girl's Breakfast

This coming year, I hope to set many more unique tables to inspire and delight. I am also committed to posts discussing the how-to's of tablescaping and helpful tips and hints. Be looking for more ideas for centerpieces and little take home gifts.

I am participating in Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch.

I am joining Jenny at Off On My Tangent for Alphabe-Thursday.

I am participating in Seasonal Sundays at The Tablescaper.


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