This is a reprised post from Christmas 2009. It is one of my very favorite tablescapes. I hope you enjoy it... again!

Tonight we are dinning in STYLE! The dinning room at Winterthur is a beautifully grand and weighty room, elegantly set and waiting for guests. Before we leave this picture, notice the 4 candles on candle stands. Two at each end of the table!  So beautiful!

Our host Henry Fransois DuPont was meticulous in selecting just the right flowers and tableware for his dinner parties.  He was an avid lover and collector of Americana antiques and a graduate of Harvard with a degree in horticulture- his lifelong love.

Each year he would change the theme of his table setting for Christmas until, in his later years, the white floral theme so appealed to him he continued to use it over and over again.  He was known for taking a single flower and repeating it in several vases.  It is a stunning effect. ( One I am sure I will copy!) This table represents one in style during the 1950's

I literally became weak in the knees when I saw this room. Our dear guide Patricia was so patient with me. I knew I had to share this tablescape and room in a post.  I'm surprised all of the pictures came out.  I was actually taking some them over my shoulder as I was politely "escorted" from the room... much to the embarrassment of some of my family members! Sorry... but so happy (yippee) I got these pictures.


I think the flowers here are a small cluster orchid- they are faux blooms so it is hard to tell.


The dinning room is in the Georgian style. A formal table is set using silver, crystal and fine, heavily starched linens.

Four heavy silver candlesticks stand guard on either side of the table. (Notice the cigarettes- a sign of the 50's)

Beautiful china and mismatched silverware are properly positioned on crisp white placemats. An appealing contrast to the rich wood table. Notice the windows and dinning room in the background- just beautiful!

A painted bee's wax Santa greets each guest. A delightful take-home!

Looking around this huge room is a delight.  The white floral theme is continued with the use of creamy poinsettias.

The furniture are American antiques dating from the late 1700.  This beautiful sideboard buffet is an example of American artisan efforts.

Above is an unfinished painting of Washington, and the silver on the sideboard are the original works of Paul Revere.

Demure greens on the mantle are overshadowed by the American treasure- an original painting of George Washington by Gilbert Stewart.  I love the wall colors! (Most of the rooms in my home have yellow walls, too)

The open china cabinet holds imported Chinese porcelain that belonged to George Washington.

Any guest would feel honored to be dinning at this "winter white" table surrounded by such great beauty and history!

I hope you are enjoying Yuletide at Winterthur.  It is rare these days that you can take pictures in such a famous and majestic home and museum.  Throughout December, now and again, I will post other rooms and decorations that  capture the beautiful side of Christmas at Winterthur!

I am participating in Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan at Between Naps On The Porch.
Thank you Susan for giving us an avenue to see tablescapes borne out of loving work and creativity.


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