Dear God, I come to you with a grateful heart for all the countless blessings that You have graciously bestowed on me this year. Blessings great and small and those from You  I never knew about. Thank you for Your sovereign hand in my life. 

Thank You for walking with me and holding me up through the hard times in life, I have felt Your comfort and presence.

Thank You for you love. It is lavish and beyond measure. I see it in so many ways. But it is manifested best in the abundant life from your Son, Jesus.

Help me Lord, to be more aware of my blessings and my gifts from You and help me to share the love You have for all people. Help me be a channel of your love!

Thank you!

To my DEAR readers....
I am so thankful for all of you! It is hard to express how blessed I feel by your friendship, interest and support! You are in my prayers daily!

I pray that you have many blessings to count!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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