This fall StoneGable's front door got a new color and face lift. To see the original post and more wreath photos, click HERE

This disheveled unkempt wreath captures the colors and  texture of late fall. It is big and fluffy and fills up the door so nicely!

The wreath is easy to make, a little messy and very fun! It has that WOW factor I love while being very economical (under $15.00)!

Hope you will give it a try!


1 large bag of natural raffia
60 U pins (about 3 boxes)
1 straw wreath wrapped in plastic
hot glue gun

Put straw wreath on a work surface.  Do not take the plastic wrap off of the wreath.

Pull out several stands of raffia from the bag and gather it like the picture below pinching in the middle. You may have to adjust the size of your gathered raffia as you go along. It is not rocket science! So if you are not happy with the raffia  just redo it!

Slide the U Pin over the pinched center of the raffia. Add a little hot glue to each prong of the U Pin.  Center on wreath. Pin one raffia cluster with the pin horizontally to the wreath.
Push the U Pin in the wreath with the handle of your scissors and hold just a minute until the U Pin is well secured.

 Cut the loops of the raffia. Don't worry that the raffia is not all the same length. You actually don't want it to be all the same. Messy is good!

Continue the procedure above, but pin the U Pin vertically into the wreath this time. Cut loop ends.

Continue all around the wreath, alternating pinning the raffia horizontally then vertically.

When your wreath is completed, give it a haircut here and there as needed. Also pull out some strands of raffia so they are longer and straggly than others . Fluff and fuss with the raffia until you are happy with the wreath.

I added bleached oak leaves using a wired pick.

Hang on a door.

You will get lots of compliments!

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