The day was glorious and with just the slightest cool breeze. A real gift for November. 

Most of us think of porch sitting when the weather is summery hot... but I am so fond of going outdoors to sit on my swing or rocker when I can "see my breath" and there is a light coating of morning frost on the ground.

Can you see my old sweet cat Baby in the image above? He has a floppy ear and a squinty eye... lots of character!

To keep the chill away when I am porch sitting, I recently purchased these incredible "car rugs". The throws are 100 % Scottish wool... thick and very durable... AND warm!

The pattern they wear is my husband's family Buchanan tartan. We chose the antique version of this tartan because the colors are so fall like.

I so well remember the beautiful tartans and wools, as a child growing up in Scotland and England. There is something so magical about these throws, they evoke a flurry of childhood memories.

A very well-used basket is filled with pumpins, gourds and vines.  The colorful squashes work well with the tartan.

Come wrap up in a tartan... Let's have a strong cup of coffee and a little chat!

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