It's not too late to make a couple of plush posh velvet pumpkins for Thanksgiving!

They are so dramatic and exquisite. Rich in texture, these pumpkins are a stand-out!

If you don't make them this year save all your pumpkin stems and tuck this tutorial away until next fall.

Before making this tutorial I read so many others for Velvet pumpkins. I tried many techniques and materials until I came up with a tutorial that I feel worked the best.


interesting pumpkin stems
colored pencils
doll needle (long needle)
E6000 industrial glue
filler~ I used a poly bead fill

Collect pumpkin stems. They just snap off the pumpkins.  I now look at a pumpkin for the stems and not necessarily for the pumpkin! Go to a store, produce stand etc. and ask them if you can pop off the stems before they throw any of their pumpkins away. Offer to make them a velvet pumpkin in return. I did and  it was a great trade!

Cut circles out of the velvet. I bought 1/2 yard and made 7~ 8 inch circles and 3~ 11 inch circles and 1 larger circle. I used a salad plate, a dinner plate and a charger to make my circles. 
Using a yellow colored pencil  draw the circles on the WRONG side of the velvet. Some of my circles were so off! This is not rocket science... you could even eyeball it!

Thread a doll needle with thread that matches your velvet. A doll needle is a  l-o-n-g   needle and it is necessary to help you sew up the top of the pumpkin.

Make a running stitch 1/4 to 1/2  inch from the edge of the velvet all the way around the circle.

Gather the thread and pull the pumpkin top together. Leave enough room to fill.

I tried filling my pumpkin with multiple materials. Fiberfill~ too floppy and not realistic... beans~ too structured... rice~ okay, but hard to shape... poly filler beads~ perfect!!! The poly fiber beads gave the pumpkin great shape and filled up all the nooks and crannies in the pumpkin. It was also easy to "poof" the pumpkin. 

I filled the pumpkin using a kitchen funnel.

Once the pumpkin is filled to your liking ( I like mine plump and firm) sew up the opening.

I used E-600 to glue in the stem of the pumpkin. I tried hot glue....NOPE! I was not impressed with the way it held.

Find the perfect position for the stem on the pumpkin BEFORE you glue it down.

Put a big dollop of E-6000 in the center of the sewn top. Rub the glue into the velvet with the stem of the pumpkin to make sure all the fibers are coated. Cover the end of the pumpkin stem with E-6000 and afix to the pumpkin. Hold for a minute or 2. Set aside and let completely dry.

Enjoy your pretty posh velvet pumpkins!

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