any Thanksgiving Dinners will be served buffet style, as mine is!   We set our tables and fuss with our centerpieces but what do you do with the buffet table?

Today's inspiration comes from StoneGable's kitchen... where we set our island, buffet style, for Thanksgiving dinner.


 ulling the pumpkins from inside and outdoor seasonal decor, they now have one last hurrah as part of the Thanksgiving grand feast! I also used many sticks, twigs and Autumn fluff from the house and concentrate them on the buffet and Thanksgiving tables. This is a wonderful way to start to "de-decorate" StoneGable and get it ready for Christmas decorating next week. I can still enjoy all the Autumnal bounty in a big way, but it is no longer scattered all over the house. 

ecause my dining room table is set, I don't need to make room for dishes, flatware, glasses, napkins or bowls.  Guest will bring their dinner plate to the buffet line. A large pedestal filled with white dinner plates is really just for show. However, they can be used if needed!

 big antique tool caddy  holds a variety of pumpkins and other woodland elements. I keep this tool caddy on my island and fill it with seasonal decor. Trailing vines, magnolia leaves, berries, oak leaves and birch balls fill in the nooks and crannies. 
This piece makes a big statement and could stand alone on the Thanksgiving buffet.

 ore pumpkins spill out from the tool caddy and on to the counter. Little candles add ambiance and a warm glow to the buffet.

colorful  pair of pheasants migrate to the buffet from the mantle and stay for a visit until after Thanksgiving.                                                     

ne by the tool caddy...

        nd one bold pheasant on top of the dinner plates. He will have a great view of the food and the  festivities!

          trio of clay colored pitchers filled with branches and bittersweet give this buffet the feel of scrubby brush and untamed woodland. Bringing height to any table or buffet makes it more appealing.  These pitchers come off of my kitchen table. The kitchen table will be used for desserts.

          fairytale pumpkin sits on a turned pedestal. I use lots of  acorn wreaths and napkin rings under the pumpkins to give the illusion of a woodland floor.

                umpkins, magnolia leaves, birch balls, acorn wreaths, antler sheds and a handful of acorns and star anise are scattered across the burlap runner.

               he decor stays mainly on the burlap runner and the food will be placed on either side of the decor for our big Thanksgiving  buffet.                                                                                                              
May you count your blessings with those you hold dear...

              Happy Thanksgiving!

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