Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus
photo copy: Rembrandt

As a part of an International blogging event, By Invitation Only, hosted by the fabulous Marsha at Splendrosa  we were asked...

"Let's name the thing/person/place we've always wanted to experience, but haven't.
Dream that money is no object.
Tell the WORLD what you've always wanted to do or wish you could do, but just haven't done it yet."

What a fabulous prompt!!!!

And here is my answer...

My Emmaus Road!

Recently, a group of friends and I took a field trip to the Philadelphia Museum Of Art to view Rembrandt's Faces Of Jesus exhibit.

For me, this was a profoundly personal pilgrimage of sorts.
Not only did I marvel at the small realistic masterpieces.. The Faces Of Jesus...

Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus
photo copy: Rembrandt

But I was also captivated by Rembrandt's artistic renderings of
The Road To Emmaus

photo copy: Rembrandt

Rembrandt's inspiration comes from a story in the bible (Luke 24:13-36) 
The historical event goes...

Two of Jesus' disciples are walking on the road to Emmaus coming from Jerusalem, about a 7 mile walk. It has been a few harrowing and life altering days for these men. 

Jesus, who had been crucified just 3 days earlier, meet the men on the road to Emmaus and they (by divine design) do not recognize Him.  As they walk together, the disciples begin to tell their fellow traveler about recent events in their lives.

These disciples have much to say! For many things have happened that they did not expect and cannot explain! The disciples are sad and confused and probably afraid! They talk about Jesus the Nazarene... their Rabbi... the ONE they thought might be the Messiah. I can just hear them as they broken heartedly tell this travel companion how their Master was falsely accused, arrested and crucified. He was dead... along with all of their hopes and dreams. In fact, they reveal, earlier that very day some other disciples had found Jesus' tomb empty... and there was a report of an appearance by an angel! They just don't understand it all!

Jesus, after hearing their tale, admonishes the men because they are slow to believe all that they learned their whole lives... since they were just little boys... for this was all written about in the Torah and the books of the Prophets. Had they only really looked, or only really believed it they would have not been confused or sad!

As Jesus continues to walk with the men he lovingly teaches them again "beginning with Moses and with all the prophets" and "He explains to them the things CONCERNING HIMSELF in ALL the Scriptures". (Like 24:27)

The two men are captivated by the wisdom this new friend is revealing! They urge Jesus to stay and dine with them as it is getting time for supper. I can imagine the soul-attraction these men feel for Jesus and the thrill in their hearts as The Light Of The World enlightens the Scripture for them!  The Torah (meaning: God's light) illuminated by it's Author! But still they do not know it is Him!

Jesus does stay with them for dinner. Can you see the three of them reclining at a table... the disciples are hungry and weary but spiritually on fire? Jesus takes the bread that has been served. He blesses it in traditional Jewish form and gives it to the men. Three  days ago He had done the same thing. These very men were with Him at the Passover feast just hours before His death. They were with Him for... His last supper!

The men instantly recognize Him! And now the risen Jesus vanishes!

And they astonishingly say to one another with overwhelming joy, " Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road, while He was explaining the Scripture to us?" (Luke 24:32) While Jesus was speaking the words of Truth and Life their hearts (mind, will, emotion, intellect) were burning with agreement, understanding and belief!

This is not the end of THE STORY~ To read this story and the end, click HERE. It is a page-turner, a life saver!

Rembrandt was so enthralled by this bible story! It became a reoccurring theme in his paintings, sketching and etchings.

photo copy: Rembrandt

photo copy: Rembrandt

photo copy: Rembrandt

I too am fascinated! Not only by Rembrandt's beautiful and varied depictions of the road to Emmaus event. I am profoundly moved by the thought of Jesus LITERALLY walking His disciples through His very own words... the Bible... and teaching them HIMSELF...FACE TO FACE!

Most of you know me as a blogger who spends much time having a lot to say about my home, StoneGable. I love blogging and my home. but what many of you don't know is that blogging... nor StoneGable is the passion of my life. Not even close!

I am a devoted disciple of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I KNOW HIM! REALLY!

And I am a student, a learner of His Word. I have the extreme blessing of teaching His Word, as well. THAT is the real passion of my life!

So, when Marsha asked:

 "Name the thing/person/place we've always wanted to experience, but haven't.
Dream that money is no object.
Tell the WORLD what you've always wanted to do or wish you could do. but just haven't done it yet."

I knew right away! This is what I wish, no... what I want...

I want to meet Jesus on my road to Emmaus and have Him teach me, face to face! I want to see his nail-pierced hand gestures... feel the warmth of his smile... notice the color of His eyes...mark his gait and keep in step with Him as we walk. I want to start with Genesis and have Him teach me right through Revelation!

I want to hear His voice. The voice I have been inwardly perceptive of and following for decades. I most of all want to hear Him laugh

I want to sit and dine with Him. I want to be there when He reminds me of His New Covenant through the symbolic breaking of bread. I want my eyes to be opened... I want to see!

 I want my heart to burn, as it does now... but I yearn to go deeper! I want more belief, more knowledge, more understanding, more desire to be worthy of the name disciple!

I want to worship Him... to tell Him how totally He, and He alone has completely changed my life.. face to face!

This is the experience I "wish for". No money can buy it. It is so extravagant and beyond all treasure. But it is a free gift to me... and to you! REALLY!

And this is the amazing thing... I KNOW for sure that this WILL happen some day! I hope before I leave this earthly body, but if not I am certain it will happen the second my I meet HIM face to face~ the very instant my time here is done!  
It has been promised to me by Jesus  in His own words!

Will you join me... be the other one on that Road To Emmaus?

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