What does one do with hundreds and hundreds of daffodils that are gifted to you? Well, you gift them to others, of course... but not before you set a table with them first! What inspiration!

This table was hands down the most simple yet extravagant table I have ever set... and the most fragrant too!

It was all about showing off the daffodils... so put on your sunglasses...lots of bright yellow here... the sheer color will make you happy!

 The stand-out-stars of this table are the daffodils. Giving them the attention they deserved, I chose to set an all white table... with the exception of yellow and white gingham napkins.

To keep the place settings a little interesting, I chose to stack white plates with great detailed edges.

Simple homemade yellow and white gingham napkins were pressed, folded and placed on top of the plates. No fancy napkin fold. It is all about the daffs~  A single bloom is laid across the napkin to bid a sunny welcome to luncheon guests.

Each place had its own mini profusion of daffodils! White porcelain cups and saucers were filled with pretty daffodils! 

When using a tall flower, like the daffodil, I also like to repeat them lower to the the table and closer to each place setting. I think it makes a much prettier and full table. 

So dramatic!

Five pitchers brusting with over 400 daffodils line the center of the table and become a breathtaking centerpiece!

There were 500 daffodils all together on the table!

This is one time that the camera could not capture the magnitude and extravagance that the eye can see. I was captivated by the beauty of all these daffodils... I kept walking into my dining room just to take it all in again and again and again!

Three large pitchers...

and two small pitchers...

 happily march down the center of the table to make the most incredible and sunny centerpiece!

Dessert dishes were set on the table so one more pitcher of daffodils could be added to the profusion!

I was so incredibly blessed to use armfuls of daffodils for this table... even if it was for a short time!

Leftover daffodils were taken to nursing homes, hospitals, and given out at my husbands medical practice. 

These daffodils were reused as a centerpiece on a Spring table at a women's group event and all the ladies got to take several home! 

These happy daffodils spread sunshine and joy to so many people!

I hope these daffodils were a gift to you too!

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