I look forward to THIS weekend all year! I think about it in the cold and dreary winter months... and as the time approaches the excitement builds!

This is the weekend Bobby and I go flower shopping! We peruse our local greenhouses. I want to hit every Amish greenhouses dotting the countryside!  Bobby is really there to lift and carry... and watch me as I dance down the isles filled with all sorts of plants, lost in a floral frenzy...

I LOVE deciding what I will plant in all of the porch planters at StoneGable.

I even have themes for each year's designs... A SALUTE TO OUR MILITARY ~red, white and blue, the year our son enlisted... BRIDAL BLUSH~ soft blushy pinks and frilly whites, the year our daughter got married,  CACOPHONY~ a profusion of whatever I felt like planting that year.

Cacophony 2009

I called last year SHADOWS AND LIGHT~ a mix of purples and whites.
Here is a glimpse of  just a couple of pots planted last year.

Last evening I (well, Bobby and son Christopher) filled the back of my car with some of this years flowers.

I was out in my pj's early this morning taking these pictures of the back of my car. Can you see the direction I am going this year?

Last year's mix of purples, whites and greens worked so well with my front porch. I think I will do something similar this year... just with more white.

This years theme is...


Now I am off to find more frilly white flowers! I hope those Amish buggies don't slow me down!!!!

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