Elegant and refreshing... there is nothing boring about herbal infused waters.

These satisfying, easy to make waters are and light and oh, so interesting...

Herbal Waters have a hint of  flavor that lingers as you drink it down.  Dazzling! 

A welcomed alternative to regular water and much more economical than those expensive flavored water. Perfect for hydrating with style during the upcoming warm months or after exercising!

Make a statement by filling pretty bottles with your favorite Herbal Infused Waters... so chic!

good fresh water
fresh applemint, rinsed

Fill a pretty bottle with good quality water and add sprigs of applemint. Depending on how intense you want the flavor, slightly bruise some of the leaves, releasing the applemint oils into the water. Refrigerate for a couple of hours. Serve with plenty of ice and a nice sprig of mint.

Show restraint... herbal waters should be very lightly flavored, so you only need a small amount of herbs. They should gently infuse the water.

Some recipes call for steeping herbs in boiling water. This can changes the flavor of the herbs, loosing their just picked, fresh taste. I would not recommend this for herbal waters.

Be creative with herbs and tasty add-ins!

Here are some other delicious combinations for HERBAL INFUSED WATER...

~thinly sliced unpeeled cucumbers, thinly sliced lemons, spearmint and rosemary
~ lemongrass and lavender
~lemon verbena, lemon peel and thyme
~ citrus peel and and pineapple mint 
~ lemongrass and mint
~ strawberries and basil
~ parsley... that's all
~ cucumber and basil
~thinly sliced oranges and sage

Beautiful and good for you too!

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