An  Easter tradition, here at StoneGable, is to dye Easter eggs with onion skin. This practice goes back generations and generations in my maternal family. Not what most would consider a traditional Easter egg color, these eggs say Easter to me!

Onion skin eggs take on beautiful, deep rusty orange hues with lots of marbling and character. They are works of serendipitous art... each subtly different from the next.

I expanded  the Easter egg color palette a tad this year to include peach, purple and lavender too! I think there is room in the Easter basket for a couple new colors! Making these eggs is a soul-satisfying endeavor, and they are splendid... much richer and interesting than than dying eggs with store-bought dyes.
It's not too late to make a bowl or basket full of these beauties for your Easter table!

Onion Skin Easter Eggs

Click HERE to see a complete tutorial.

Peach Onion Skin Easter Eggs
Hard boiled eggs
Liquid from the onion skin eggs

Pour off the liquid from the onion skins into a deep cup or bowl. Dip hard boiled eggs in the liquid until it takes on the peach color you like. Transfer egg to an upside down egg carton to dry.

Purple And Lavender Dyed Eggs
I think these purple and lavender eggs are just gorgeous! I have never been satisfied with the purple store bought dye. It gets blotchy and streaked with red. I was very pleased with how evenly the naturally dyed eggs came out.

3 cups 100 % grape juice
1/8- 1/4 tsp Wilton purple food coloring paste
hard boiled eggs

Put the grape juice in a saucepan and heat till it is simmering. Add food coloring paste and remove from heat. Stir until the dye paste completely dissolves.

Transfer the purple dye to a large cup or bowl.

Dip the eggs in the dye until you get the color you desire. Transfer to upside down egg cartons to dry.

I hope you will try making these naturally dyed Easter eggs!

Just a note of caution. This is a grown-up activity due to the boiling liquids.

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