Do you like StoneGable's new look! 

When I made the decision to continue blogging I wanted to start with a fresh new look. This time I decided to let a professional handle the design. And I am so glad that I did! 

I researched many blog designer's... looked over their web-sites, perused portfolios and read testimonials. After much investigation, I chose Julie at BLOGGER BOUTIQUE to give StoneGable a facelift. What a great fit!

Let me show you around the new StoneGable...
  The header above is a montage of my original work with a "pastel filter" applied. The center square hold an image of our home's stone gable that inspired it's name and the name of my blog.

 The sprawling "StoneGable" across the header is a new font! We tried a few fonts but this was Julie's original choice... she knew best!

 My new tag line "inspiring creative living" reflects the purpose of my blog.

And my new logo ~ SIGH~ a lovely monogrammed seal, floats in the left corner of the header. It appears on any comments I leave, is my favicon, and the logo is echoed in the laurel wreaths in post titles.

Choosing a header was a very big decision. Thank goodness, Julie was a great listener! She translated my desires into beautiful elements and graphics. She also was very diplomatic, steering me away from making any poor decisions. Working closely together, Julie gave me a blog design that embodies all that StoneGable is.

I love the new blog colors. They were intentionally chosen too... soft buttery yellow (my favorite color)  and a pale steely blue to work with the colors in the gable. Julie used these colors in designing the body of my blog, giving it an updated appearance!

Other great elements added to StoneGable:
new layout
new background
new signature and comment bar
new post dividers
new sidebar titles
new blog button
new navigation menu
cute social networking buttons

I am especially enjoying the "pages" at the bottom of my header... Home, Recipes, Tablescapes, Weekly Menu, Tutorial Tips And Tidbits,  Home And Garden and On The Menu Monday.  Please click on these tabs to see my favorite posts.

A great big THANK YOU to Julie at BLOGGER BOUTIQUE  for all of your hard work, your listening ear, your determination to bring to life my vision for StoneGable and for your professional advice at all times!

I highly recommend Julie. If you are thinking about a new blog design please visit her site and her informative BLOG

StoneGable is just one sample of her beautiful work.  I could not be happier with it's new look. Please go visit her site and check out more of her creative designs!

Julie is offering a $75.00 discount on a custom blog design to the first client.

A disclaimer:  Julie did not ask me to post anything nor am I getting compensated in any way.

I hope you are enjoying StoneGable's new look! It was my fondest desire for all who come to visit to find a place of beauty and inspiration!

I need a little help!
Because I stopped blogging and most of us thought that I would not be blogging again, I see that StoneGable is not on many of the blogrolls it used to be on. I miss seeing my blog on your sidebar!!!!!

If you would be so kind... could you please add StoneGable back to your blogroll? Thank so very much!

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