My friend Barb is the best hostess you will ever meet! When she has people over for dinner, which is very very often, she always encourages the greatest conversations around the table.

Barb will ask us to tell our life story in 3 minutes. Well, that's always impossible, so we spend the evening taking turn telling our stories and listening to others. We learn wonderful thing about each other around the dinner table. We find interesting connections and similar interests and life experiences. We also find such fascinating things about people... even people we already know!

I now do the same when I entertain... but with a twist!

As soon as guest see these fun, unusual napkins the conversation starts!

I put a napkin with a different Conversation Starter at each place. I like fun, easy to answer questions to get the conversation around the dinner table started... and it does!

These Conversation Starter Napkins seem to get everyone at my table in a talkative mood!

Try these at your next dinner or family gathering. Wouldn't these make a great hostess gift too?

white cotton napkins
fabric transfers
fun questions

I designed my conversation starters to be transferred to the napkins on my digital imaging program. You could also use Microsoft word, Picasa or even Picmonkey.

Have fun and be creative!

Make sure to make a "reverse" image of your text.

Here is a copy of 4 of my Conversation Starters in "reverse" image.

Each one is 3 inches. A good size to fit on my napkins.

Print the "reverse" Conversation Starters on fabric transfers according to package directions.

Iron one Conversation Starter on one white napkin according to package directions.

What an easy project... 

Don't be surprised if everyone at your table wants to answer all the Conversation Starters... they usually do!


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