Last night I hosted a BOOKCLUB at StoneGable.

I'm the kinda girl who doesn't care that there are a dozen or more unfinished projects in plain sight or that the wallpaper in the foyer is not completely scraped off the walls or that the stair railing still has blue painter's tape all over it because it is a work in progress...

That's just how we roll! It's life... real life. And that won't stop us for inviting folks into our home!

A couple of my friend's marveled that Bobby and I do so much of the work ourselves... and that we live in this constant state of flux and change... and to tell the truth... mess!

That's when you know that you are a DIYer!  I love the process almost as much as the finished product! And although my friends sorta admire the fact we do so much ourselves... I really don't think they understand it! But, they certainly love us through it! And that's what counts.

Now here's what's ON THE MENU this week...

Garden Tomatoes with Basil and Olive Oil



Over Pasta

Garden Tomatoes

Hamburger Fixins'
Corn On The Cob

Crusty Bread

Now here's something fun...

8-Tips for Creating a Great Laundry Room by The Everyday Home

Join me and 23 other bloggers for a KITCHEN TOUR OF HOME! I'm opening up the cupboards and showing all... well almost all!

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