Don't we all love burlap? 

But most of us would like it to be a little softer and a little less smelly!

Okay, done! 

Here's how to tame burlap to be a soft neutral smelling, easy to handle fabric...

With a little washing and drying, burlap can be so much more user friendly.

I use my washer and dryer and have never had a problem. But here is a disclaimer... Burlap is fuzzy and full of fibers that will end up in your washer and dryer. If you are afraid of it damaging yours you might want to go to a commercial laundry mat.

Wash burlap in warm water using half of the laundry detergent you would normally use for a regular wash. I wash it on a regular cycle. Use a little chlorine bleach and a regular amount of fabric softener as long as you are not going to paint it.

Dry burlap on a regular setting.

I'm not gentle with burlap...I sorta beat it into submission!

I do this wash/dry process 3 times, or until I get the desired softness.

The burlap can be ironed to a nice smooth finish.

There will be tons of fuzz and fiber in you washing machine and dryer. Make sure you wipe out your washer and get all the lint out of the dryer and the lint trap after each washing and drying. I have a dryer snake and use that too, just to make sure none of the fibers get into the dryer vent.

What a difference! Isn't it so pretty?

I'm using this soft lofty burlap for an upcoming project. I'll be blogging about it very soon!

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