Let's get out of the house and go on a little field trip today! 

I'm heading to the farmer's market with basket in hand to find the best harvest the summer season has to offer!

Ready? Come on...

The colors of summer are so vibrant, aren't they?

They make me want to take home at least one of everything!

Lancaster County is an agricultural area, so little farm stands dot the roadside. Nothing is better than farm fresh!!!

A trip to a farmer's market or farm stand is a must when visitors come to StoneGable!

This area is a real gem... a throwback to a slower paced time... and lots of farm fresh cooking!

I've learned to cook seasonally using to the produce available in my area.

 I love that farm-to-table experience. I always think I am doing something so good for my family when I cook with what is fresh and accessible!

Here are some recipes using what's fresh now...


Look what I have been seeing lately "on market"...that's what the local say for "at the market"...


Fall must be just around the corner!!!!

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