We are late... or should I say behind.

 This was supposed to be a post about my pretty newly renovated stairs.  Newly painted risers, newly painted spindles, newly painted shiny black railing, newly painted walls with no marbleized wallpaper and the prettiest new neutral runner down my newly painted stairs!

Not to mention art on the walls and a white or pewter garden stool in the corner on the landing!!!!

As I said... we are running behind.  But I can show you we have done so far...

The "Before..."

The before with tape around everything... and the old floral runner ripped up and a tarp covering the stairs and one stair primed.

Bobby started this project while I was out and I did not get to show you the true before. Come to think of it... that's probably better. It was very dated and old and very frightening!

The first thing we (and when I say "we" I mean Bobby) did was to prime the risers of the stairs.

Then "we" painted the risers with 3 coats of high gloss Valspar. The spindles, like the rest of the trim  in our house, was painted Benjamin Moore Atrium White.

In between the coats of paint "we" primed the golden oak banister. I was very glad to see the golden oak go!

Bobby has gotten better at letting things go and embracing change. Not an easy task for him. But I lovingly taught him that "everything has a life cycle" and that "things get worn out and tired". And, "we need to update or we will have a hovel to someday sell". Always with a, "but you already knew that... you are a smart one... and you know how I love smart men"! 

This has seemed to work beautifully! He is embracing change quite nicely... smart man!

After priming the banister "we" painted it with a high gloss Valspar durable paint. I could hardly wait for this step!!!!

What a difference! Just like I pictured...

Here is a picture from CENTSATIONAL GIRL I found to inspire me!  The Centsational Girl stained her woodwork a dark walnut... but I was not going through that mess.  I like the high gloss look of the paint just fine!!!

cg wood staircase

Oh, pretty!

Next, I will have to peel off the very stuck-on wallpaper...tiny shred by shred.  Bobby always sticks wallpaper to stay on in case of the Apocalypse!

Believe me I have tried everything!!!! I use a scoring device... and a paste eating spray... and a steamer.  I just keep telling saying to myself... "Think of the nice new wall color" over and over. That seems to help!

You can see that the landing wall has already been painted Sonnet by Benjamin Moore. That's my color!

The new runner comes Monday. Oh, happy day!!!! I'd love to keep the stairs bare, but our little dog Scamp cannot go up and down. 

Bobby is going to wainscot the wall as his "winter project"... code word for not until after football is over. That's fine... I'm going to sneak about 10 projects in before that! Bless his heart... he's just no match for me (evil laugh inserted here)... even though he is such a smart man!

I could use your suggestion on art. No family pictures. I have a great idea for using family pictures in the upstairs hall.

Art is often hard for me. It is a commitment! Art and framing is expensive... and I don't have a great vision for that wall. 

No mirror. There will be a mirror on the upstairs landing.

I'd love your input!!! Please give me lots of ideas!

Thanks everyone... you are THE BEST!

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