Can you believe Sunday is September 1st? Where did the summer go?

I can tell summer is saying goodbye... a long goodbye... but goodbye none the less...

My gardens are taking on that exhausted look. All but the tomatoes and peppers are done... and my hydrangeas are drying in the most beautiful fall colors!

The very tippy top of my red maples are just starting to turn the tiniest bit... and the corn in the field is starting to rustle when the wind blows through it!

The mornings are getting a little foggy and it's wonderful to be outside in the evenings... I'm very happy about that!

The days are getting shorter... and that makes me a little sad!

This week I'll be making lots of pesto and canning tomato and spaghetti sauce...

and celebrating the remains of summer and our garden!

Now here's what's ON THE MENU...

Garden Tomatoes


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