I'm making a couple of small changes in the guest room this spring.  I'm hoping our guest will feel so welcomed and pampered.

This room is very tailored and has lots of space for our guests to move about and feel comfortable. So I don't want to clutter it with lots of chotchkies or other things.

So instead of hanging a picture above the bedside table I hung a bulletin board...

I think it will be the perfect place to pin up pictures of our guests and a welcome note and tickets or brochures to local events... or even a little gift!

I love the idea of personalizing it for each guest!

I also hung two tiny watercolor pictures of birds we often see in our yard. A little common house finch and a robin.

I chose the little bird pictures because of the two 3D nest pictures on the other side of the bed.

These little Nest pictures were so easy to make. If you would like to see how I made them click HERE

The bulletin board is empty now.. but won't be for long. We are having family in next weekend and I can't wait to dress it up just for them!

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