I received quite a few e-mails last week asking to identify the flowers in the planters from last Saturday's post.  I promised I would post them today... so before 10 random things, here the are...

Just because, here are...

"10 Random Things To Know About Me"

1. I am a horrid speller and an even worse proofreader! If you have been a dear reader of StoneGable for even a short length of time this will come as no surprise! I can't tell you how many mistakes I find a couple of days after a post has gone live... and I have read it over and over for mistakes!

I even get e-mails from blogging friends gently calling attention to my mistakes Thanks, all! I used to be embarrassed and worry, "I must look so uneducated". But now I just shrug and acknowledge this as one of my little quirks!

2. I use google like spell check! I don't know what I would do without google! It is my spelling cheat sheet!

3. Popcorn is my most favorite food in the whole world! I make real popcorn. With a pot and some corn oil and popcorn kernels and salt. No butter though. If I want to take a walk on the wild side I sprinkle it with a little seasoning salt.  Popcorn and old movies... perfection!

4. I am a crier! If you cry in front of me I am crying with you... and need to hug you! I weep in sad movies... I get misty eyed around our brave heroes in the Military... When I am overjoyed, you guessed it, I cry!
 When my kids give me a card for my birthday or mother's day they rate how good the message is in the card by how ugly I am crying!

5. StoneGable, the blog is named after our home, StoneGable. There is a stone gable in the front of our home. We have a name stone engraved with "StoneGable" at the top of it. Naming my blog StoneGable was a no brainer for me because StoneGable, the blog, is about all things home.

StoneGable, September 2009

6. I talk to myself ... out loud! I don't realize it, but my husband sure does. He thinks it is endearing. My niece who is living with us, giggles at me because I often address myself by my name... example: "Yvonne, put that away right" or "oops Yvonne, you spilled that!". I think I primarily do this at home when I think no one is around. No one outside of my family has ever commented on this ... thank goodness!

7. My father was in the United States Air Force and we lived many of my formative years in Scotland and England. While there, I went to an all girls private boarding school, St Margaret's Academy in Edinburgh. I studied botany, italicized writing, Latin, needlework, elocution, and learned all about the history and kings of England.
It was a fascinating education!!!! I took tea every day at 4:00 and learned to love kippers and ride double decker busses.

8. I am naturally messy...because I am a creative person. If left to my own devices I could be a disaster! I like "pretty" and order, so I try to stay ORGANIZED and neat. It is very very important to me. It is a constant battle to overcome my natural messy tendencies! My motto: "life is messy, clean it up!" (thanks Bissel!)

9. I like being a nice person! It thrills me to make anyone, even complete strangers, feel happy and cared about! I think everyone is my friend!  I really try to love everyone. No matter what! I try not to repay evil with evil, but evil with good... and a prayer! With God's help, I believe I can change my little area of the world for the better!

10. My secret fantasy is to be on Dancing With The Stars! Derek Hough would be my partner, of course. I am enthralled by his choreography! I love to dance! And would love to learn more!

Thumbs Up:
veggie gardens, my dog Scamp, the smell of fresh laundry, weekend getaways, girlfriends, sheep, making things myself, little shops, a great book, swimming, lilacs and peonies, label makers, jewelry, sleeping in, butter yellow, generosity, dishes, colored pens, weddings, making soup, porch sitting, magazines, tote bags, dry humor, coffee, Mexican Train dominoes, handmade gifts, photography, charm bracelets, barn swallows, surprises...

Thumbs Down:
 humidity and heat, rude behavior, texting in movies, PEAS, bad hair days, sleepiness, back pain, forgetting laundry in the washer, commercials, having my picture taken. weeds, stinginess, tight shoes, putting away groceries, being negative, spit, unmade beds, headaches, sticky fingers, getting roses, muddy water, broken promises...

Please comment today and tell me one random thing about you too!


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