Welcoming guest to our homes begins before we open our door! A beautiful wreath on our front door says, "We have been expecting you... WELCOME"!  It also makes a very good first impression! And first impressions are often lasting ones!

I don't scrimp on a door wreath. Nothing small or demure... I want curb appeal! I want a BIG wreath that offers a big welcome! I want a focal point that will draw peoples eye to it's summer beauty! It must make people want to come inside. I want a design shop wreath without the design shop price!!!!

I can get all that by making a wreath myself. One lush, with summery blooms... and you can too! Here's how...

StoneGable Summer Wreath Tutorial
twiggy wreath
grape vine wreath
florist wire
4 very large picks
assorted small flowers
assorted frilly flowers
hot glue gun

Just a couple of tips before we begin:

I used an old wreath that had fall decorations on it. I was not too tired or worn so I pulled it apart and saved  all the elements in clear plastic boxes.

I dusterd off the wreath and pulled off all of the old glue.  This is a very thick willow wreath. My favorite design trick is to wire two wreaths together This will give your wreath a very impressive look.

Today's wreath did not need an additional wreath.

I was lucky enough to find this great hydrangea pick at a floral design outlet. I have white hydrangeas blooming just off the porch all summer that turn a citron green so this pick was a good choice! Notice the filler that came along with it. Great colors!

Decide on the overall design. I love to use a half moon design with wispy pieces curling around the rest of the wreath. Here is the finished wreath so you can see the overall design. I started at 6:00 on the wreath and  the design stops about 1:00. I continued some soft long stemmed flowers around to about 4:00. The picture will help explain!

To begin, I hot glued the whole pick to the wreath at 6:00. I usually cut apart picks, but I glued the first pick  whole, right to the wreath. Then I cut apart the rest!

I started building the base flowers going from 6:00 around to 1:00. I used citron green pom-pom hydrangeas that came clustered on stems. I just cut each individual stem off the main one to use on the wreath.

I also cut clusters of white frilly flowers from the main stem and glued them to the wreath too.

When the base florals were in place, I filled in with filler flowers and fixed wispy stems to the outside of the wreath.

Finally, I added wispy floral picks, JUST A VERY FEW AND VERY WISPY, to the right side of the wreath to finish the design!

I keet looking for places on the wreath to add or edit flowers until I was pleased with the every aspect of the wreath.

The last step was to give it a good shake and hot glue any loose flowers.

The wreath went right on to StoneGable's front door to welcome all!

I hope you will make a pretty summer wreath for your front door... 

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