I am s-l-o-w-l-y working on the Gable Guest Bedroom at StoneGable.  We are giving it a much needed "spit and polish". Just some overdue changes to keep it fresh and ready for our cherished guests.

The Gable room is one of two guest rooms here at StoneGable. The larger Guest Suite, with it's own bath and back stairs, is home to our adorable niece Courtney right now. Her just-out-of-college job brought her here to our town and she is staying with us.

So right now we are down to one guest bedroom.

I love to tuck our guest into the Gable Room! It's high high ceiling, big window and antique furnishings makes this room feel so snug and comfortable...

Because this room is not huge, it is important to decorate it keeping our guests in mind. Not too cluttered... with plenty of room for luggage and drawer and closet space for clothing. I am in the process of editing!
Gone are the curtains (waiting for white plantation shutters), antique cedar chest, stuffed chair and matching ottoman.

The little dresser in the Gable Room was given a whole new look with white paint... click HERE to see that transformation.

On an local antiquing trip last year, Bobby and I purchased this wonderful little drop leaf table. At the time we did not quite know where it would go. But eventually, it found it's home... in the Gable Room.

This is NOT a piece that I would ever paint! It's patina comes from years and years of use.

I am still in the process of tweaking the vignette. I''ll wait until the plantation shutters are installed to do any more arranging.  So this is what is on the little table so far...

A burlap and scrim runner from BEYOND THE SCREEN DOOR INTERIORS is laid across the table and falls gracefully to the floor.This runner is beautifully made. Please visit Sonya, she has so many stunning things on her site!

A vintage silver footed tray holds a tall thin lamp, a picture of our next guest to StoneGable and a silver bowl filled with white shells. 

The lamp is going to get a little makeover too... look for an upcoming post.

One thing I like to do when our guests visit StoneGable is to find a picture of them or a loved one and display it in a pretty frame. 
I think it makes people feel special and cared for.  My son's lovely girlfriend will be our next visitor. I got this picture from facebook.  It was taken at her sister's wedding last week. I think she will be surprised!

When my guest go home they can take the framed picture with them. I am always on the lookout for nice inexpensive frames. I think this one goes well with the lace in Miss A's dress.

I hope each picture we send home will remind our guest of their stay at StoneGable.

An old silver bowl with bathtub legs hold pretty white shells.  I like to add a little seasonal decor to each room at StoneGable.

Orchids stand tall in a silver serving bowl that belonged to my mother when she was a bride. I LOVE orchids.... and silver. Both have found a happy home next to this bright window.  

A large shell sits ready to collect change from pockets or jewelry. It's nice to have a little catch-all on a table  for guests.

A large basket filled with fluffy white towels slides under the table. Once the guest have their towels they can then hang them up in the bathroom.

It is our goal that all visitors to StoneGable feel warmly welcomed, loved and pampered.  And when they leave they can't wait to come back again!

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