If you come to visit me at StoneGable, I will greet you at the door in an apron. It is just part of my "uniform"!

I started wearing aprons as a young wife to save my clothes from getting dirty. As the years passed I continued to wear them... to gather up veggies in the garden, wipe salty little tears, dry off dishes and messy  hands, and to hold all sorts of sundry things that end up in their big deep pockets

. Aprons also decorate my kitchen. They hang on very unique wall hooks...

I love these plate hooks! They are all part of one piece... all joined together!  
Aren't the designs on each plate so unusual?

I added the blue and white plate above. I thought it gave the arrangement a nice balance!

The plate hooks and the aprons give my neutral kitchen a bright splash of color!

I am working on making my own version of these plate hooks... I feel a tutorial coming soon!

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