On a recent trip to the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay I found this beautiful big blue and white bowl in a local antique shop!  I knew it belonged in my kitchen... specifically, on my kitchen table! It was love at first sight.

But, to bring it home... the beautiful bowl had to not only have a love relationship with me... but the price had to be right!  Oh, I wanted this bowl to be "THE FIND"! 

 I turned the bowl over to see the price tag and...

The bowl had my name on it!!!!!  Not really, but it should have because it was a very, very, did I say very?... good price. 

This blue and white beauty is in perfect condition. The inside of the bowl is GORGEOUS! (I'll post picture of the inside when I plant the geraniums outside!)

 It adds just the right pop of color to my neutral kitchen!

Don't you love coming across "THE FIND"!

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