It is the most glorious day here at StoneGable. Sorta like living in San Diego today! You know those days... warm, breezy, sunny, low humidity, birds singing...lawn edger whirling, trucks up and down the driveway,   voices of hearty men wafting through the open windows, men heaving mulch everywhere ... wait!!!... what?

The mulch men are here today! I am not complaining because for the last two years we have not mulched our gardens ourselves, thank goodness. I am very very grateful for that

Here is how the mulch men fit into today's post...

My original posting plan was to take photographs of some pretty vignettes around the porch and gardens this morning. The camera is so kind in early morning light. The flowers are blooming, the pots are full of blooms too! Did I mention, it is a glorious, San Diego type day at StoneGable?

But, the mulch men are here. Throwing dirt, grass and mulch all over everything... including my pretty vignettes! And now the soft morning light has taken a harsher late morning turn!

One of the safe places this morning is my front porch. Did you know that I have a second front door?
Not a main door, but a door that goes to my study and the second stairs and the guest suite?

It is set back a little from the main house, sorta tucked away.  It does not look like an important door, so it is not often used by anyone other than family.

The flowers in the foreground are Annabelle hydrangeas.  Their big moppy white heads will soon be making a showy appearance around the front porch!

This summer I decorated the second front door with a basket filled with white annuals. I have used this basket for year. It is quite textural and sturdy! The white flowers look so delicate next to it.

The basket hang by a rusty brass hook because the basket is so very heavy and nothing else will hold it! The brass hook suites the door. If you look under the window there is a small brass plate with our last name on it. It has gone with us to every new house for thirty years.

Petunias, Snowstorm and  White Helitrope fill the basket. I think they will be happy on the second front door!

I have some fun garden surprises to show you next week! We are putting up a couple new birdhouses in the veggie garden today!

I hope you are having a San Diego day wherever you are!

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