What is your favorite part of decorating? Is it the planning... the shopping... choosing the colors... 

Although I love the whole process... my very favorite part of decorating is embellishing and putting together the final decor details that give a room personality and life.

Here is a look at some decor details in a guest bedroom I recently made over...

This room has a clean uncomplicated style, neutral colors and lots of room for my guests to move around. Here's a look at corner of the room...

And the other corner...

The space between the windows was begging for a little art... so I hung a trio of plates...

Adding plates to the wall gives the room interest without adding clutter.

The center plate hung in my dinning room. It belonged to my Aunt Kate. This is the only thing I have of my father's side of the family.

Since the dining room is currently being made over, I thought the bedroom would be a safer place for this treasured old piece!

The beautiful brown transferware plates came from ENGLISH TRANSFERWARE, a fabulous Etsy shop owned by Nancy from  NANCY'S DAILY DISH.If you are looking for transferware, she probably has it!

I think I have plates in every room!

Did you notice where my sweater pumpkin finally ended up? I purchased a thick white knitted throw for the "switcheroo" chair and thought the pumpkin looks quite at home with it!

For an easy Sweater Pumpkin tutorial, click HERE.

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