I've never really liked this little chair in my family room. It IS the perfect size for that spot in the family room and it IS the perfect shape...and it IS very comfortable... but for this Goldilocks.. it was NOT just right!

 It was a little ... off! I think it was the color and pattern. It did not enhance the decor of my room.

I was considering selling it or slipcovering... until I relocated it to it's new home...

Here is where this little chair used to live... a little too "oatmeal".

And here is the little chair in it's new home...

It fit right into the J&J guest room I have been making over. Because the room is now a guest room I wanted to keep it very tailored and free from extra furnishings and clutter.

I think guest appreciate a soothing room they can move around in.

This chair was just the right size to tuck into the far corner of the room.

Draping a throw over the chair gives this whole neutral room a little splash of color! 

A big basket sits next to the chair for pillows.

Is switcheroo a design term... 

Well, I think it should be!

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