I'ts official.... we are starting another project here at StoneGable... one that will take a long, long time to complete!

We are doing it ourselves... well, most of it!

Our living room, dining room and foyer are FINALLY being updated!

Here is a little peek at our start...

I have been looking for a new chandy for quite awhile now... and finally I found the perfect one... the one that I saw in my mind... at OVERSTOCK.COM! 

And what a bargain!!!! It arrives home on Friday!

Photo: I just ordered a new chandy for my formal dinning room makeover... on overstock. com! I just LOVE it.  WHAT A BARGAIN! http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Silver-Mist-Hanging-Crystal-Drum-Shade-Chandelier/6002814/product.html

I am keeping my existing dinning room table but replacing the upholstered head chairs with new ones... These are from HOOKER. I have been looking for these for awhile too!

I love the linen-look fabric and the silver nail heads! You bet I am getting them professionally scotch guarded!

These are big chairs and will add drama to my dinning room... at least that is the hope! The chairs are almost the exact same color as the flax sofa I ordered.

The duo should be delivered mid November... thank goodness I am not having Thanksgiving at StoneGable this year... thanks, MOM!

And I have been fabric shopping, too. I must admit I swoon over designer fabric!!! I could play with fabric color and patterns all day!

I went to a Calico Corners Outlet near my home and found all the fabric and trim and notions I will need to reupholster six side chairs and makes several pillows... I bought enough extra fabric to have on hand in case of spills! 

The  plan was to reupholster the side chairs and leave the wood its original mahogany stain... then I fell in love with this fabric... and decided the mahogany would not really work. So I am PAINTING MY MAHOGANY CHAIRS! I never thought I would ever ever do this... 

but look at this fabric... It as love at first sight!!!!

Here is a picture of the swirls... the swirls have a chenille-like nap... and the color works so well with the upholstered head chairs I ordered. 

The pattern makes the fabric look a little more informal.

I'm going to attempt to reupholster the dinning room chairs myself...the seats do not "pop" out of the chairs... it's quite a process...but I think I can do it.

There is piping around  the bottom of the chair... I do not want to make piping using a fabric with nap! So, I chose this silk fabric, that is very close to the background on the chair fabric, to use as piping. I have to make 10 yards of piping! This will not be my favorite part of the makeover!

While I was at Calico Corners I also found this very plush velvet in the most beautiful color. Very neutral... a soft fawn.

I think I will make velvet pillows with accents in the side chair fabrics for the head chairs and for the sofa in my living room... at least that is the plan right now.

If I can find more velvet I just might have the little settee in the foyer upholstered in this... I LOVE IT!

I am not whipping out this project yet... I am actually putting it away for just a little while... I have to make curtains for a guest bedroom this week and paint a dresser over the weekend.... goodness knows how this will really take. I always underestimate a job!

We found the hardwood flooring to match the foyer... so the new hardwood is coming on Wednesday and we are ripping out the old carpet (YIPPEE!). Laying the hardwood flooring is a family project for the last week in October. I can't wait!

I'll keep you posted on my progress... my slow progress!


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