I have been so inspired by some of the sweet treat barks I have seen in the blogs lately...

That creative inspiration sparked me to make my own bark... using great fall flavors... 

This bark would be a fabulous hostess or teacher gift... a fun find in a little one's lunch box...or something to have nearby to satisfy that sweet tooth craving...

I started out with gingersnap cookies...and mini gingersnap vanilla filled cookies... oh YUMMY...

And then I went a little crazy from there! I did not measure the portions of the ingredients... just sorta sprinkled here and drizzled there and it all worked out!

I hope you will give it a try!

StoneGable Harvest Time Bark
gingersnap cookies broken into pieces
gingersnap cream filled cookies, broken in half
caramel square candy, wrappers removed
toffee bits
( if you can't find Wilbur's use chocolate chips)
M&M's~ fall colors
butterscotch chips 
(if you cant find Wilbur's use white chocolate chips)
fall sprinkles (I used little orange pumpkins)

Spread out broken gingersnaps, gingersnap cream cookies and pecans in a large rimmed baking sheet, lined with parchment.

Melt caramels in the microwave at 50%. Watch ... they melt quickly... and could burn. Drizzle caramel over cookies.

Sprinkle toffee bits over the caramel.

Let the caramel harden.

Melt chocolate in microwave and pour over bark.  Add butterscotch chips and M&M's over chocolate. The butterscotch chips will begin to melt into the chocolate.

Let harden.

Melt white chocolate and pour over the bark. Swirl white chocolate ... it will pick up a little of the milk chocolate and look very interesting.

 Add M&M's and sprinkles.

Let harden.

Break and pull off of the parchment.


* Most chocolate confection wafers taste pretty bad! I only use Wilbur's~ they taste great, not waxy at all! If  you cannot get Wilbur's wafers use baking chips.


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