Fall has finally come to StoneGable's mantle... 

This year my mantle is filled with pumpkins from the Pumpkin Wagon...

I can get medium sized orange pumpkins for $1.00 at the Pumpkin Wagon!  This is a no-frills real honest to goodness wagon filled with pumpkins fresh out of the field next to it... dirt, dents and big stems...no extra cost!

It is one of my favorite fall stops!

This year's mantle is very simple... pumpkins, pedestals and autumn candle rings.

I always have such a hard time taking pictures of my mantle... this year I figured out why.

Two reasons, my mantle is high and very long....
 and the reflection of the room is so distracting in the huge mirror that hangs over our fireplace.

So I decided to show snippets of the mantle... this way you can see what is on the mantle and not the reflection of my family room.

I used dark wooden pedestals to elevate some of the pumpkins. Tucking a fall candle wreath under the pumpkins gives "fluff" and interest to the arrangement. I love a twiggy look!

From one end of my mantle ....

... to the other... my mantle is filled with FALL!

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