As I was sitting in the workshop in a darling cottage on a country farm... my head was swimming with wonderful  stories and information and inspiration! 

I had on a work apron and held a paintbrush in my hand and I was learning to coax beauty out of a piece of wood. 

Bowls of creamy paints surrounded my workspace and encouraged me to give them a try!

It was a magical day!

Our teacher, Celeste Blumenauer owner of CATFISH CREATIVE FURNISHINGS infused the day with so much creativity and wonderful instruction and tips... I had to have her share some of her magic with you...


Celeste Blumenauer the New Catfish Creative Studio

Our aprons!

Celeste is the owner of CATFISH CREATIVE FURNISHINGS and the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Stockist for Montgomery County MD, NW Washington DC and Loudoun County VA.

Here are a few painting tips she is sharing to help us become better painters...

for using Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan

1. When painting the second coat of ASCP on a piece, dip the eyelashes of your paintbrush (just the tip of the bristles) into water and then dip your brush into the paint. This will water down the ASCP just enough to give your piece a "light, breezy half coat". A "perfectly lovely glidey second coat".

2.  Here is a wonderful tip for creating a soft black color using ASCP....
Put Graphite ASCP over a coat of  Aubusson Blue ASCP  for a "very soft rich black". Put a coat of clear wax over that and end with a coat of dark wax. You will have a "deep, rich, but soft black".

3. Don't put on too much wax! A little bit goes a long way. "Too much wax is the biggest mistake people make". 

4. When working on a piece and you are not sure it is turning out well.."get out of the room"! Walking away from a piece for a little bit will give you a better perspective. Walking away and "having a glass of wine works even better". (This works for me every time!)

5. "FORGET ABOUT BEING EXACTLY RIGHT"... Don't over think a piece. 
"Creativity does not start in your head... it starts when you pick up a paintbrush!"

"Just start to paint... paint the color YOU love" 

"People are much more creative when they are in the process... rather than when they are up in their heads thinking about the process."

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