Something magical is happening at StoneGable. I dream of this event often! It has only occurred twice before in 16 years.

My field of dreams is corn!  Corn planted around 3 sides of our home,  enclosing us like tall green walls.

There is something cozy and comforting about the wall of corn.  A feeling of quiet peace!

I have been dreaming of corn ever since I saw the farmers planting it in the spring! I knew that the corn would get big and tall and stand as rows and rows of sentinels guarding us and making StoneGable a private haven!

We sit right out in the open with fields all around... lots of beautiful vistas! But when the corn comes to our borders we get a few precious months feeling secluded, like cupped in the hand of God! Like we are little and safe!

 Here in Lancaster County the fields are a magnificent sight to see, especially the gently rolling fields of corn.

I take corn personally! I am so thankful when it is doing well... nurtured with a perfect balance of sunshine and rain. I worry for it when it's big bending leaves roll together and spike to the sky like hands together praying for rain. I should know better than to worry.  Corn is resilient and has a strong will to survive! It has an inner strength and determination to do well no matter the situation! I admire this greatly!

So my field of dreams has literally come. I will enjoy it's visit. Expectantly I will watch as it bears it's heavy ears and develops silky tassels that look like plumes on a drum major's hat. It is an amazing sight.

Eventually it will turn soft colors of blond and brown and Autumn. And it will show off if it's new attire, too! The wind will blow through it and it will flutter and turn and rustle like a taffeta ball gown being twirled by it's wearer! I love that sound! I will sit on my back porch  swing  wrapped in a quilt, close my eyes and just listen to it's dance!

And then one day it will be gone! Just like that. And the countryside will be wide and open and spacious once more. And I'll be thankful for the change... and start dreaming all over again!

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