I have had many e-mail asking me how I create printable recipe links for my blog. 

If you are reading this and don't have a blog, don't go away... this is also a WONDERFUL way to store recipes for yourself and to share with others!

So copy those old smeared and worn out recipe cards and get them in a program that will let you store, share and find them easily.  

I use a very basic and easy program in Google. There are many other programs to make a link for printable recipes, but found this one to be the most simple.

I am not a techie, so please keep that in mind. My terminology might be lacking. And ignore the poor images. I could not figure out how to copy whole pages to use in my posts. So I took pictures instead. And we all know how poor the quality of that is!!!!

I did however give very detailed instructions for all of us who are less than tech savvy!

I hope you find this helpful. 

How To Create Printable Recipes For Your Blog Or Personal Use

Pictures follow instructions

1. Go to Google 


2. Find "more" at the top left selection bar and click on it

3. A drop down box will appear. Find "sites" and click on it

4.  Find "Create new site" and click on it (ignore the sites I have already established)

5. At the top of the page find "Choose A Template To Use" and under that click on "Blank template"

6. In the box that says " Name your site" choose a name and type it in the box.  I chose StoneGable Printable Recipes 2. * IMPORTANT~ it is a good idea to use your blog name in the name of your site. If you just choose "printable recipes" someone else might have already chosen it. 

7. As you type in the name for your printable recipes, the box underneath labeled  "Your site will be located at this URL" will automatically be filled in with your URL.

8.  The next box is "choose a theme". If you click this it will give you lots of pretty page options. I did not click this  because I wanted my recipes to be easy for my readers to print out, without design or color. If you choose not to click on " choose a theme" you will be using the "template default" which is a blank white page.

9. Do not click on "more options"

10. Type in the "code" shown

11. Click on "Create Site" (not shown in my picture, sorry!)

12. You are now on your new home page.

13.  Find "Create a page" in the upper right hand corner and click on it.

14. Find "Select a template to use" click "web page".

15. In the box labeled "Name" type the name of your recipe and click "Create Page".

16. Here is where you will write your reicpe OR cut and paste your recipe from your blog. 

17. When you are satisfied with the content, click "Save" in the upper right hand corner.

18. From this page you can also click the "Edit" button in the upper right hand corner if you need to edit your recipe.

You now have a recipe ready to be linked into your blog post.
Or if you are using this for personal use you now have a saved recipe ready to print or share.

19.  You can add your printable recipe to your post by  using the "link" icon when you are working on a post and typing "printable recipe" (or what you want to appear in your post) in the box that says "text to appear"

20. In the box labeled "web address" copy the URL at the top of the site page ( where you have your printable recipe) and paste it into the web address box. Click "OK".


21. "Printable Recipe" should appear on your post.

When you publish your post, you should be able to click on the words "Printable Recipe" and the link will take you to the printable version.


You did it! Wonderful!!!!! Your readers will be so happy!

Some Good To Know Information
~If you can't find your recipe go to to your Google Sites Page (remember? Go back and do #'s 1-3) and  under "My sites" click on your Printable Recipe page.

This will take you to your "Home" page.

Click on "More actions" at the top right hand corner of your page. In the drop down box click on "Revision History". 

Find "site content" on that page and either click on "recent site activity" or "pages". Either one will give you a list of your recipes. 

There might be an easier way, but I have not found it yet!

~ To print a recipe from your new Site go to "More actions" in the upper right hand corner of your page and in the drop down box find "print".

This is quite easy! Don't let the amount of steps dissuade you from trying this. I gave VERY detailed instructions for all of my non techie readers and friend. who are just like me!

I hope this has been useful!!


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