This year I planted one lonely cucumber plant in my garden. I felt somewhat sorry for it as it sat all alone in a very big space. I didn't want my sweet babycuke plant to feel that it was being put in a horticulture "time out"! 

Time would prove that this innocent little plant would grow up and out and stretch to the boundaries I had given it! It is quite unbelievable what one little plant can produce!!!!

Because I make relish with zucchini (look for upcoming post~ this is a keeper recipe!) most of my cucumbers are either eaten in salads, or as a crudite or made into pickles.

Recently, I came across a wonderful pickle idea... THE PICKLE POT!

The brilliant PICKLE POT idea came from Miz Helen at MIZ HELEN'S COUNTRY COTTAGE and from  Lynne at HAPPIER THAN A PIG IN MUD.

A PICKLE POT is SO EASY  to make.

Take a big container and layer it with onions, garlic  and cucumbers...

And great pickling spices

Add vinegar and water...

Store in the refrigerator for 2 weeks so the concoction has time to work it's pickle magic... if you can wait that long...

And you will have great pickles to munch on for two months or so!

These pickles are sour and garlicky and delicious! They are delightfully fresh and don't have that "processed " taste.  I tweaked the recipe and added more garlic, OKAY, lots more garlic and tuned down the vinegar just a tad by adding more water.  

This recipe is worth making! I made a big jar that will be divided this weekend. I'm sending a jar home with my weekend family and guest. And just in time too! I have another dozen cukes (YIKES!) almost ready to pick. Does anyone need cukes to make a pickle pot of your own?

StoneGable Tip: Things To Do With Pickles
~chop and add to tuna salad or egg salad
~chop and make homemade tartar sauce. Mayo, chopped pickles, a tad of the juice, pinch of cream of tartar
~ pickle juice in potato salad... the best!
~deep fried pickles
~ and of course served as a side dish

The PICKLE POT recipe can be found by clicking on the blogs at the top of this post. Thanks, ladies! I love your great ideas! Look how you have inspired me!